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About Consciousness-Based Education

About Consciousness-Based Education

The Missing Two-Thirds of Education

The process of education always involves three aspects: the knower (or student), the process of knowing (studying, listening, reading, etc.), and the known (the curriculum and its measures). In fact, you can identify these components in every experience, regardless of age or occupation. There is always a subject (you), some process of sensory input, and some object of your attention.

Traditionally education has focused primarily on the known, the objective information you are expected to master. Think about how you are evaluated: by test results, grade point averages, SAT scores. These are all outer, objective measures of how much you know. This approach is like filling a container with information, and then seeing how much can be poured back out.

What is missing? Education has lacked a way of preparing the knower for maximum learning. When you are tired or stressed, learning is more difficult. Yet schools today overlook the primary importance of the knower—your clarity of mind, the degree of alertness or awakeness to yourself and your environment. This is what we term consciousness.

What is Consciousness-Based Education?
Consciousness-Based education provides the missing two-thirds of education. It offers a systematic technology—the Transcendental Meditation® technique—to dissolve stress and optimize brain functioning, to fully develop the knower, and thereby optimize the process of knowing or learning.

You may recall moments when you felt wide awake, more alert and conscious than usual, moments people call "peak experiences." Without a systematic means to develop consciousness, these treasured times are left to chance. The TM technique is a way to develop your infinite inner potential, to increase the size and quality of the 'container,' to enhance your inner quality of life, so learning is easier, more enjoyable, and more relevant.

Consciousness-Based education also includes a comprehensive understanding of consciousness: its development, its range and potential, its source and goal. In this system of education you will come to know yourself better than you had dreamed possible.

An Integrated, Consciousness-Based Curriculum
Modern science, with its objective approach, has yielded vast information about specific aspects of life—from nuclear energy to genetic engineering—but it does not integrate or connect the parts of life into a whole. Subjects are separate from each other and often do not seem to connect to you as a person. Brilliant scientists can split atoms and dissect DNA but they seem cut off from the ethical consideration of these actions.

The Vedic tradition of India recognized the primary importance of inner subjective development and wholeness. At IGS you will be introduced to the forty aspects of the Veda and Vedic Literature which describe in detail all about the field of consciousness and how every discipline and every aspect of creation arises out of consciousness.

In your study at Ideal Girls School, you will discover consciousness as the basis of all knowledge, the home of total knowledge within yourself. Total knowledge means knowledge of all possibilities — the full range of consciousness from its active surface expressions to the silent innermost field of pure consciousness, the simplest form of your own awareness. Here you will experience total attunement with natural law, and your awareness will gain access to the infinite organizing power of natural law that effortlessly administers the entire universe.

Total Knowledge in One Brain—Every Brain
Major universities think of having all knowledge on one campus. They have different buildings and sections of their library for all of the different subjects areas. The study of these separate aspects of life enliven different portions of the brain, but these isolated experiences do not enliven the total brain.

The founder of Consciousness-Based education, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has a different perspective. With Maharishi Vedic Science it is now possible to have all knowledge in one brain—every brain. This is achieved in two ways. First, through the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program including Yogic Flying, we enliven the entire brain and developing latent brain potential. We access the full value of consciousness, the basis of every experience and every aspect of life. Second, through the study of Maharishi Vedic Science, we see both approaches to gaining knowledge: objective and subjective, outer and inner — total knowledge.

At the Ideal Girls School, you too can be a pioneer of this Consciousness-Based system of education. You too can discover within yourself the total potential of natural law and establish your life on that unshakeable foundation.

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