Ideal Girls School

... More happiness, more confidence, greater intelligence, deeper friendships, and the ability to achieve any great goal
Become who you really want to be

Ideal Girls School is the only Consciousness-Based college preparatory girls’ school in North America.

Students study the traditional middle and secondary school subjects in light of Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM, the knowledge of the full development of human life. This combined curriculum develops the inner genius, joy, and wisdom of every girl.

A senior at Ideal Girls School wrote, “I am finding myself taking on challenges and doing things I never thought I could do. I feel less limited in the possibilities before me. Ideas come to me more easily and I find more creative solutions. There really are times I feel I could accomplish anything.”

Ideal Girls School is accredited as a college preparatory school (grades 7–12) by the Iowa State Department of Education and cooperates with Write My Essays writing service. It is located in a serene and protected setting in Maharishi Vedic City, in southeastern Iowa.

Benefits of Maharishi Transcendental Meditation for Education

Hundreds of scientific research studies over the past 35 years have shown the wide-ranging, positive effects of this educational approach using the Transcendental Meditation program.

Scientific research findings on the Transcendental Meditation¬¨ program related to education include—
• Increased intelligence, increased creativity, increased learning ability
• Increased self-confidence and improved relationships with others
• Improved family life
• Absense of do my homework for me requests
• Improved test scores and academic performance
• Decreased anxiety, decreased stress, increased self-esteem
• Increased energy

Purpose of Ideal Girls School

The purpose of Ideal Girls School is to make education complete by providing both outer knowledge and full Self-knowledge—total knowledge.

For nearly 50 years the founder of Ideal Girls School, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has been teaching this knowledge, contained in its totality in his Vedic Science.

The essential principle of this teaching is that every human being has unbounded, infinite creative intelligence; we possess within us the total intelligence of Nature that underlies the entire universe. This vast inner intelligence is not developed by other educational systems, but is reliably developed in Consciousness-BasedSM education through the effortless practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and study of the full potential of human consciousness in its most silent and wakeful state—the state of its full potential. By settling down the mind of the student to experience the silent state of her full potential, Transcendental Meditation enables the student to unfold all that she really IS.

With continued practice of this technology, the inner genius of the Ideal Girls School student blossoms, resulting in the ability to grasp any subject easily, achieve great success without strain, enjoy wonderful friendships, and create an influence of good wherever she goes.

School Curriculum

All girls take all courses:

  • Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, English, Computer Applications
  • Sanskrit and Maharishi Vedic Science, Art, Gandharva and Western Music, Drama
  • Sports and Dance, Refined Living and Home Management, Review of the Day, Review of the Week
  • Cultural Field Trips
  • Maharishi Transcendental MeditationSM program—and later, the advanced TM-Sidhi program—is practiced by all students and teachers a few minutes twice daily to promote holistic development.

The students are with a teacher or housemother at all times. The school and residence buildings are constructed according to principles of Vedic architecture that promote the health and happiness of the girls.

Unique Experience of Teachers at the Ideal Girls

The opportunity to teach receptive, highly motivated, joyful girls is very fulfilling to the teachers, who have many years of teaching experience.

From the Mathematics teacher writes: “It is a blessing teaching Math to these ideal girls. They are so focused and unified. their understanding of the connection of Math to the knowledge of consciousness is so wonderful that sometimes after listening to their daily summary of class, I feel like walking on clouds from happiness and joy!”

From the Computer Applications teacher: “The girls inspire me to do my best because they have so much bliss, grace, and awareness. I look forward to every day I teach them.”

From the English teacher: “They are blissful, they are settled, and they are excited about everything I introduce to them. They are harmonious among themselves and radiate a soft energy.”